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Duration Topic
2010.01-2012.12 Natural Science Foundation of China: Research on Energy optimization Schemes with Performance Guaranteed in Sensor Netowrk with Dynamic Channel(No.60974122)
2009.11-2010.10 Science Foundation of Chinese University (Zhejiang University): Dynamic Adaptive Deployment Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks(No. 2009QNA5007)
2009.09 -2010.12 The People's Government of Binjiang, Hangzhou City: Design Platform for Communication and Standard of Automatic Control System(G20090133)
2009.03-2011.03 Zhejiang Sanxin Automation Limited Company: Safety Production Oriented Wireless Monitoring System for Gas Concentration
2008.12-2011.12 China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (First-Level): Congestion Control to Improve Reliability and Real-Time of Broadcast in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks( No. 20080440201).
2008.12-2011.12 Excellent Postdoctoral Science Foundation of Zhejiang Province: Broadcast with Congestion Control in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks for Road Traffic Safety(No.2008-bsh-31).
2008.01-2011.12 Joint Funds of NSFC-Guangdong: Modeling, Control and Optimization of Complex Sensing and Control Networked System (No.U0735003)
2008.01-2010.12 863 key project, development of wireless communication standard and its module
2008.01-2010.12 Natural Science Foundation of China: Generalized Congestion Control for Ad Hoc Networks under Non-cooperative and High Dynamic Environment(No.60702081)
2008.01-2010.12 Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang Province: Wireless Sensor Networks with Fast Response, Long Lifetime and Strong Fault Tolerance for Disaster Monitoring (No.Y107309)
2007.01-2009.12 Key Technology of R & D Program of Zhejiang Province: Research on Intelligent Monitoring System for Coal Mining based on Wireless Sensor Network (No.2007C31038)
2007.01-2009.12 Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang Province: Topology Control for Wireless Sensor Network (No.Y106384)
2007.01-2009.12 Natural Science Foundation of China: Research on Distributed Coordination Control of Wireless Sensor/Actuator Networks (No.60604029)
2006.07-2008.12 Scientific Research Fund of Zhejiang Provincial Education Department: Coordination of Wireless Sensor/Actor Networks (No.20061345)
2006.01-2008.12 985 Key Subject Construction Funding of Zhejiang University: Wireless Sensor/Actor Networks
2006.01-2008.12 Specialized Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education: Research of Robust Control on Network Control System  (No.20050335020)
2006.01-2007.12 National Development and Reform Commission Industrialization Project: Optimization Software for Industrial Process Control ([2004]2080-6)
2005.09-2007.09 China Postdoctoral Science Foundation: Study on Real-Time Quality of Service in Wireless Sensor Networks (No. 2005038632) 
2004.01-2005.12  Sino-France Advanced Research Program: Study of (m,k)-Firm based QoS in Multimedia Networks  (No.PRA SI-03 02)
2002.01-2003.12 2002.01-2003.12 Sino-France Advanced Research Program: Analysis and Improvement of High Speed Ethernet in Real-Time Capability (No.PRA SI 01-04 )